Dear shareholders and stakeholders,

We are very pleased to launch the new DGTL Holdings Inc. brand platform. The is the first step in the next stage of developing brand recognition and visibility for the company. 

As you may have seen from our recent News Releases, our team has built several new partnerships, signed and activated global brand customers and developed new business opportunities for our flagship software company, Hashoff LLC. 

Based on this recent success, we are elevating and evolving our corporate identity prior to moving into the second stage of growth via M&A and corporate development opportunities. 

Working with a tier one creative agency, we are proud to launch the new DGTL Holdings brand platform anchored by our fully redesigned Corporate Website. 

Our newly designed website is complete with premium digital marketing and communications tools, including Active Campaign CRM, Google Analytics and SEO optimization, Sprout CMS for social media public relations and advertising campaigns, etc. 

Be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter and news releases on the Investor Resource Centre.This section functions as an online investor resource and learning hub, complete with all recent news, quarterly financials and public filings, investor presentation, multimedia investor videos, software demonstrations, editorials, articles, a CEO blog, and more. 

We are also pleased to share our new Corporate Presentation (Institutional – investment banking, and Retail -for general public). This presentation will be joined with more Case Study brochures from key customers on the Hashoff platform and investor brochures and factsheets to be added in the coming weeks. 

The new DGTL brand platform has been launched in advance of developing our digital media/martech portfolio with new high growth software assets, and to set the stage for a global marketing and public relations campaign to build visibility and engagement. 

Clearly, our sector growth trends have been global in scale, and revolutionary in impact. Digital media consumption and engagement are at an all time high. AI powered technologies shatter both physical and geographical barriers which could once limit the reach message. 

As we enter into a post pandemic recovery economy, we see explosive growth in our sector, as enterprise level software in the digital media, marketing, advertising and ecommerce space have become some of the largest companies in the world. 

Please visit our Learning Hub for market research and industry reports on the digital media marketing and advertising sector. Clearly, we have reached the intersection of three major historical inflection points, with mobile passing television, the new digital gig economy being a post pandemic normal that is here to stay, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology disrupting the traditional supply chains of the global creative media and advertising industry, forever. 

We are confident that 2021 will be another major transformative year for DGTL as we now activate our long term goal to become a global leader in disruptive digital media, marketing, and advertising technologies (Adtech / Martech), powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

Thank you for continued support as we continue to build our upward momentum. 

We look forward to providing future updates on milestone achievements.

Best regards,

Micheal Racic
Chief Executive Officer

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