// Empowering Global Brands

With Micro-Influencers

Brand storytelling has changed forever.Technology has served as the catalyst. #HASHOFF’s Marketplace solutions are at the center of this revolution. #HASHOFF is a platform that allows brands and agencies to identify and connect with Content Creators and make them long-term brand ambassadors trough commercial partnerships. #HASHOFF empowers global brands with micro-influencers’ campaigns, and access to 140+ million creators specializing in all forms of content.


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    // Features

    #IAM Search™

    Find the best content creators to represent your brand, based on context signals and machine learning. A more intelligent way to search. #IAM Search is a platform designed to eliminate subjectivity and find the perfect fit, no matter the scale, scope or even geography and language of the campaign. No more sifting through hashtags or generic search criteria in hopes of finding needles in a haystack. Brands create their own highly customized data set, set the deep demographic and psychographic parameters, and access over 140 M potential creators. In order words, #IAM Search enables brands to rank, optimize, scan for brand fit and shortlist the best creatives and brand ambassadors available.

    #Create Marketplace™

    Complete workflow solution and e-commerce marketplace that allows the development of long lasting partnerships between brands and content creators. From brand briefing, content management and payment processing, #CreateMarketplace helps brands are to build and curate their own tribe of brand evangelists for top creators and publishers, for paid, owned and earned channels in our 100% transparent SaaS platform. Make the discovery process exciting and addictive by utilizing storytelling and user experience on all major social media platforms !

    AMPLIFIED Measurement Center

    Full access to data and insight to help you make the right choices to ensure you time and money savings, while improving the performance of your working media.

    // Case Study

    Budlight Lime-a-Rita

    By leveraging this unique strategic framework, we were able to overcome many of the challenges often present in influencer marketing. #HASHOFF’s technology proved highly effective in deepening our connection with female consumers and increasing relevance for Lime-A-Rita.

    Victoria Vaynberg

    Sr. Director Connections,
    Anheuser Busch InBev